Their Sweethearts and Their Darlings: AfterTalk Weekly 12.12.19


Their Sweethearts and Their Darlings

By Mary Jane Hurley Brant

In Honor of

Mothers Finding Meaning Again

Nov. 28, 2019


The moon sighed

The day they died

Their sweethearts

And their darlings


The breezes fair

Mothers touched their hair

Their sweethearts

And their darlings


Their looks forlorn

For loved children born

Their sweethearts

And their darlings


Their heads swaying low

hearts sad to know

Their sweethearts

And their darlings


Their lives ahead

Briskly changed instead

For their sweethearts

And their darlings


No one to know

Secrets never to show

Their sweethearts

And their darlings


All the days to remember

From the crib to last ember

Their sweethearts

And their darlings


Copyright © 2013, Mary Jane Brant. All rights reserved.

From Mary Jane’s website:

“I have specialized in grief and loss and serious illness – particularly after the death of my precious daughter, Katie, to a brain tumor. My work is with individuals, couples and religious communities.  I run groups on specific topics.  In March, 2009, I founded and have facilitated a free-of-charge group for bereaved mothers who have lost children. It’s called “Mothers Finding Meaning Again.” There is more information about these courageous women on this site under groups.

I am pleased to have been chosen as a member of The Partners in MS Care.  This program recognizes and supports quality Multiple Sclerosis care. The program involves health care professionals in the areas of neurology, mental health and rehabilitation, as well as links to sites that provide multi-disciplinary and comprehensive MS care. Health care professionals recognized as Partners in MS Care demonstrate knowledge and experience in treating chronic illness and engage in communication with other healthcare providers treating the MS patient.  We have a special interest in treating people, spouses and families living with Multiple Sclerosis. Partners in MS Care has a strong collaborative relationship and works closely with the National MS Society to access a full array of medical, psycho-social and rehabilitation services delivered in a coordinated fashion where providers share common goals for patient outcomes.”

Her website is:

You can click the link above or copy and enter this in your search bar:

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