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My Mom Died: AfterTalk Inspirational Quote 10.13.16

Shortly after my mom died, an older relative called and said, “I’m leaving you alone now, but I’ll check back in six months.” When I asked why, she said, “Because that’s when they’re really gone.” And she was right. That’s how long it took for me to get that I was really never going to

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Inspirational Quote 5.28.15 Dalai Lama on Grieving and Loss

  An audience member, clearly in pain, asked the Dalai Lama, “Do you have any suggestions about how to handle a great personal grieving and loss, such as the loss of a child?” With a gentle tone of compassion, he answered, “To some degree that depends on people’s personal belief. If people believe in rebirth,

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Do You Have a Question About Grieving ?

AfterTalk Launches Advice on Grieving Column by Dr. Robert Neimeyer Whether you are grieving the loss of a loved one, or counseling someone who is, you now have the opportunity to ask a leading authority for advice. Dr. Robert Neimeyer and have teamed up to offer advice to those in need. We invite you

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