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Holding Fear In Its Proper Place: AfterTalk Pandemic Weekly 7.8.20

by Nancy Sharp If I collected a dollar for every fearful thought I’ve had over the years, I’d never lack for funds. Imagine the good in the world I could do. Fear was once my regular companion. As a young professional, I worried about my career and whether I was making the right choices. I

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When do we get to cry? AfterTalk Pandemic Weekly

WHEN DO WE GET TO CRY? By Penny Davis Hospice Executive, Published Author and Memoirist Like many little girls, I played nurse. My dolls were lined up in empty Kleenex boxes with various gauze wraps and band-aids on imaginary “boo-boos” that I tended to. I could often be found with one of my dad’s crisp

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AfterTalk Pandemic Weekly: What Trees Can Teach Us About Weathering Pandemics

by Amy Florian It’s been two months since the coronavirus reared its ugly head, throwing you and your family into a completely different way of living and working. You may be grieving the loss of a job or retirement savings, a long-planned wedding or a child’s highly anticipated senior prom. You miss going to the

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