Monthly Archives: September 2020

The Coalition to Support Grieving Students: AfterTalk Pandemic Weekly 9.16.20

The Coalition to Support Grieving Students  The current COVID-19 Pandemic has caused a large and expanding number of deaths in the United States and abroad, while also requiring the implementation of social distancing measures, including lengthy school closures, that makes it increasingly difficult to provide bereavement support to grieving students in the usual ways we

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A 9/11 Special from AfterTalk Pandemic Weekly

Editor’s note: AfterTalk Pandemic Weekly commemorates this Friday’s anniversary of 9/11. If COVID19 is a storm of a pandemic, hatred is a hurricane Force 5 of a pandemic. We live in an era of three simultaneous pandemics, COVID19, Hatred, and Climate Change. God help us. In memory of all those who we lost on 9/11

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Hoping for the Opposite of Opposite Day: AfterTalk Weekly

Hoping for the Opposite of Opposite Day by Fran Gerstein From Wikipedia: Opposite Day refers to a game usually played by children. One can declare that today is Opposite Day (sometimes retroactively) to indicate something which will be said, or has just been said should be understood opposite to its original meaning. My definition: Opposite

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