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If you are dealing with the loss of a loved one and need professional help and grief counseling, read our timely blogs on how to navigate through this process.

Medicare and Grief Counseling: AfterTalk Weekly 11.7.19

Will Medicare cover Grief Counseling? by Danielle K. Roberts Grief stems from experiencing a loss. People experience grief after a loved one passes away, when they lose a job, or even after they sell their first home. Some experts say there are four stages of grief: Separation distress, traumatic distress, guilt, and social withdrawal. Many

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Managing Grief While in College

Editor’s Note: Affordable Colleges Online has created an outstanding guide for students who have lost a loved one while attending college. The introduction is below along with excerpts, followed by a link to the entire site and some excellent links to other resources. LL Managing Grief While in College: A Guide to Navigating One of

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Ten Reasons Why I Want to Talk About Death 

by Elaine Voci There are a lot of people who shy away from any talk about death; they think such conversations are “morbid” and don’t serve any purpose other than to make people feel uncomfortable.  They are reluctant to accept the impermanence of life which shows us that nothing lasts forever, nor is it meant

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Grief: Understanding The Process

[Editor:] Today’s post is by Marty Tousley, a richly experienced grief counselor and author. You can read all about her here:   Grief will make a new person out of you, if it doesn’t kill you in the making. ~ Stephanie Ericsson Few of us are prepared to face the excruciating pain associated with the death

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Grief Counseling at its Best: How ADEC Can Help

Lisa and I just returned from the annual meeting of ADEC, the Association for Death Education and Counseling. This was our first time, and we were enormously impressed. ADEC is an international, professional organization dedicated to promoting excellence and recognizing diversity in death education, care of the dying, grief counseling and research in thanatology. Based on quality research,

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