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Riley is Dead: HardBoiled Eggs by Chanel Brenner: AfterTalk Inspirational 7.25.19

by Chanel Brenner   Riley is dead, and now, I make eggs for his brother, like I used to do for him.   As I boil the water, I remember how Riley loved to shift them in the glass bowl while they cooled, watching light flicker the water,   as if he beheld a world,

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At a Restaurant the Night my Son Died

by Chanel Brenner I sat across from him, shooting his portrait with my phone.   His charcoal sweatshirt faded into the dark booth.   He played tic-tac-toe in the dim light.   I should have known something was wrong,   when he scribbled his X’s and O’s like a toddler—   should have known his

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Welcome to the Dead Child World: AfterTalk Inspirational 7.11.19

Editor’s note: over the next few weeks we will be publishing the works of Chanel Brenner. This is by way of introduction. Welcome to Dead Child World by Chanel Brenner  Please try to make yourself comfortable. If it feels like you are outside your body, it’s because you are. Don’t worry, this is normal. It

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