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Inspirational Quote 3.26.15 Mourning a Hero

One more song. We’ve posted a series of inspirational songs about grief including death of a loved one, a child, grieving from the perspective of a dying man, the thoughts of a friend of the grieving. You can find them all at this link: This week’s song is about mourning a hero written and

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Inspirational Quote 2.26.15 Song of Grieving and Loss

I recently found myself humming this iconic song. Written in 1938 for Broadway, it became an anthem of separation during World War II. In thinking over the lyrics I realized that it could be a song of grieving and loss. For far too many who didn’t come back from “over there,” it was, unfortunately, a song

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Inspirational Quote 12.25.14 Be myself again?

When Will I Be Myself Again? “When will I be myself again?” Some Tuesday, perhaps, In the late afternoon, Sitting quietly with a cup of tea, And a cookie; Or Wednesday, same time or later, You will stir from a nap and see her; You will pick up the phone to call her; You will

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