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Wasn’t It Just Yesterday? AfterTalk Inspirational 6.29.17

WASN’T IT JUST YESTERDAY? by Peggy Amler in memory of David H Amler   Wasn’t it just yesterday that we had our first date? Wasn’t it just yesterday that we had our second date and knew that we were meant to be together forever? Wasn’t it just yesterday that we married, and never stopped holding hands as

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For My Dad: AfterTalk Inspirational 6.15.17

For My Dad It’s been 10 years, where has the time gone? This is so wrong You should’ve been here to see us grow and live Be part of family events that you used to love to attend and to give Making it clear that you were there No matter if other’s liked what you

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Love, Loss and What Comes Next: AfterTalk Inspirational 6.1.17

Love, Loss and What Comes Next   “Table for Three” By Philip Galanes, May 13, 2017 The New York Times “When I meet a woman wearing a ring on a chain around her neck, I know immediately: member of the club,” Sheryl Sandberg said. “I never noticed before.” That club in question would be the unenviable

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