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When Grief and Coronavirus Collide: AfterTalk Pandemic Weekly 6.10.20

When Grief and Coronavirus Collide BY MARY JANE HURLEY BRANT When Grief and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) collide, we feel like we’ll collapse. The Coronavirus is not only serious, it’s a pandemic. Like grief, COVID-19 is powerful, persistent and painful; it makes us fearful. Grief has already made us more vulnerable so this is a rough combination.

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Their Sweethearts and Their Darlings: AfterTalk Weekly 12.12.19

  Their Sweethearts and Their Darlings By Mary Jane Hurley Brant In Honor of Mothers Finding Meaning Again Nov. 28, 2019   The moon sighed The day they died Their sweethearts And their darlings   The breezes fair Mothers touched their hair Their sweethearts And their darlings   Their looks forlorn For loved children born

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When You Are Grieving Thanksgiving Day Feels Painful

When you lose someone you love and are grieving Thanksgiving Day feels burdensome and painful. When a brain tumor took away our precious Katie’s life I dreaded that holiday. For seven years we served no rutabagas because they were Katie’s favorite vegetable. The thought of their seasonal aroma wafting through our home without her in

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