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Tips and tools for finding grief support groups in your local area.

AfterTalk LIVE: 12/17: Children as Survivors of Suicide

Experts Discuss Children as Survivors of Suicide on Wednesday, December 17th 3pm EST on AfterTalk: LIVE On Wednesday December 17th,, AfterTalk: LIVE presents a discussion of the impact of a parental suicide on children and how families can cope. The panel features  Mandi Zucker, MSW, Grief Recovery Specialist and Program Director of Imagine: A Center for Coping

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How to Find Support Groups for Grieving

Support groups for grieving tend to divide in several ways. The first is denominational versus non-denominational. The second, and more important distinction, is by the object of your grief, e.g., a child, parent, spouse, veteran, etc. I could not find a single site that would give you a list of support groups in your community;

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