My Love Didn’t End: AfterTalk Weekly 12.19.19

My Love Didn’t End

Anne Peterson


AfterTalk Grief Support My Love Didn't End

My love didn’t end when
you took your last breath,

my love didn’t die when 
your eyes closed in death.

If anything happened,
I’m sure my love grew,
from the tears that I’ve cried,
and I still cry for you.

When people are tired
of the grief that we bear

at times it may feel like
they simply don’t care.

They don’t understand it,
but they’re not to blame,

for the lives that we live
are no longer the same.

And so I’ll keep missing
the days you were here,

and the memories saved,
I will always keep near.

My love didn’t end when
you took your last breath,
for love is eternal
and stronger than death.

Note: This poem was first published in Publishous.

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