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Going through it together: how to support each other after the loss of a child

by Nat Juchems Loss of a child is something that most of us will experience in our lives, but many will never feel the pain and trauma of losing a child. It’s often referred to as the ultimate tragedy; the passing of a child is something that no parent ever expects to have to go

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The Price We Pay for Loving: AfterTalk Inspirational 6.13.19

A week or so ago, we were visiting with friends who I had not seen since my mother’s death in July. I had forgotten that I had not seen them, and so was not prepared for their very kind words when they first saw me and hugged me. So, I thanked them for their words

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Thank You For Your Service:AfterTalk Inspirational 6.6.19

Editor’s Note: in honor of D-Day, we publish this poem written to his mother by a World War One veteran, John Hunter Wickersham, who died serving his country. A short bio follows. The Raindrops on Your Old Tin Hat The mist hangs low and quiet on a ragged line of hills, There’s a whispering of

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