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Losing a Child: The Guilt Trip: AfterTalk Inspirational 5.18.17

Losing a child is an emotional hurricane. It rouses erratic emotions that fuel each other until they funnel into a whirlpool of devastation. Anger, depression, discouragement—among all these emotions, one that often tugs at grievers for months and years after a loss is guilt. Guilt over My Miscarriage In my case, I met this guilt

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Losing a Loved one…AfterTalk Inspirational Weekly: 3.9.17

Losing a Loved One to a Rare Disease My daughter died of ectopia cordis. My husband and I learned about this birth defect around eighteen weeks into the pregnancy, and we also learned that it meant our daughter’s heart was growing outside her chest. Do you know how rare ectopia cordis is? An estimated 1

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