Monthly Archives: May 2014

A Memorial of Service–Remembering an Extraordinary Man

I attended a memorial service last week for a man who lived an extraordinary life cut short by a fatal brain cancer at 75. It was at the same time a memorial service and a memorial of service. His name is—and I say ‘is’ not ‘was’ –because it was clear by the remarks of each

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Daughters Grieving Loss of Father: A Sibling Story

My younger sister Jolie and I are five years apart.  We were playmates from the beginning, and it seems that her maturity accelerated to keep up with mine.  I got a cellphone after years of waiting, and the next week she got a cellphone.  When it comes to a Verizon Wireless family package, five years

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The Grieving Process: A Daughter and Denial

Denial makes things a blur.  I know that I plunged myself to those depths of unfeeling because I wanted to survive, and on good days, I can forgive myself for it.  I must have been there for over a year, when I could smell a musty, old dream of college – long forgotten in the

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