Inspirational Quote of the Week September 11, 2014



There is a heavy debt of guilt whenever I realize that our new life wouldn’t exist had Arron not died. Through the pain of our grief, we discovered strength we didn’t know we possessed, learned to appreciate the gifts of life and have empathy for others who were themselves in pain. We were awakened into life by death. Experiencing death head-on opened the door to new opportunities in our lives. In my longing to be with Arron, willing him to exist in some new form, I lost my fear of death – something I’ve come to see as the unexpected gift of grief – a lack of fear that unmasks an entirely new universe of possibility…

Author, mother, and widow Abigail Carter wrote this on the tenth anniversary of her husband Aaron’s death in the World Trade Center on 9/11

photo by Larry Lynn one year before 9/11

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