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Alone in my grief AfterTalk Grief Support

Alone In My Grief 

Grief is truly hard to bear
Losing you seems unfair
Oh no, not you out of the blue
We had much more to do.

You were taken from me
My heart and soul grieves for thee
Death came upon you like a thief
It stole you and filled me with grief.

You suddenly left me in the dark gloomy month of November
A cold dreary morning, I shall always remember
I wonder what path lies ahead of me
As I no longer walk with thee.

A beautiful splendid ride,
You always right there by my side
As surely as the sun shall rise and set
Your true love I’ll never forget

Although we are torn apart
I’ll forever carry you deep in my heart
You my friend, my dear soulmate
We’ll meet again at a later date.

Death is final, the end
Leaving me to heal and mend
To lose you seems unfair
It feels like it’s too much to bear.

©December 23, 2014. Janet Irene Griffin

My heart is broken on the sudden passing of my dear beloved husband. November 28, 2014. Rest in eternal peace, my dear husband, my long time soul mate and friend.

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