What Does a Mother Do for Her Son? AfterTalk Inspirational 10.12.17

What Does a Mother Do for Her Son? 

by mary gutheil anderson


What does a mother do for her son?

She helps create him

She carries him next to her heart for close to a year

She gives birth

She sustains his life

She feeds him

She clothes him

She combs his hair

She nurtures him

She loves him

She teaches him about God


She reads books to him

She sings lullabies to calm him

She shares her history with him

She plays with him

She laughs with him

She shares the pain of life with him

She challenges him

She watches over him

She encourages him

She provides strength and reassurance

She listens with him to life

She introduces him to hope and courage

She brings in the sound of nature and the cuddly fur of a puppy

She creates with him

She teaches him

She corrects his papers

She watches his games

She takes him to appointments

She washes his clothes


She calms him down

She helps him find his own deep wisdom

She walks with him into his bright future

She helps him reflect and learn from his past

She gives him advice

She tries to heal his pain


She cheers him up

She clarifies his challenges

She helps him to link his heart to both his family and friends

She tries to understand him

She is often at parties and celebrations with him and the family

She supports him in his work

She creates metaphors to help him learn from his hardships

She plans with him


She watches the world change with him

She helps him to be free from doubt

She invites him to take risks, grow and follow his dreams

She is his anchor in times of trouble

She is his strength in both triumph and failure


She is the woman who takes a stand every day for the infinite possibility of him and his mission here on earth


What does a mother do for her son?

She is the woman who is awakened in a dark, rainy night to hear the dreaded end has come

She is the woman who kissed his cold forehead and said goodbye too soon

I am that woman, that mother;

 I loved Taylor, more than life itself

I am broken over this loss

Today his precious body has been buried, my son, but I know his soul and love will live on in each of us.

Taylor Scott Anderson

March 11, 1983 ~ May 19, 2005

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