We Never Heal: Just Remember Less: AfterTalk 8.1.19

by Chanel Brenner


Stretching my legs

after a walk down our old street,


my dead son’s face came to me,

the scar below


his left eyebrow, the window

of his missing two front teethwe never heal AfterTalk Grief support


so clear, I had to sit

for a minute, on someone else’s porch.


You’d think we’d heal, yet today,


at our younger son’s game,

as Desmond raced toward home,


his father cheered, Go Riley!

We stared at one another,


seeing our first son

fall all over again—


skull of memory cracked open

against concrete,

our new grief spilling.


“We Never Heal, Just Remember Less” first appeared in Spoon River Poetry Review.

*     *     *

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