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Widow and Widower find love in a year…

Jessica Crisman and Ryan Ronne were both experiencing the darkest moments of their lives in the summer of 2010. Jessica’s husband of 10 years, Jason Crisman, took his final breath after battling an aggressive brain tumor for 10 years in Grand Rapids, Michigan leaving behind his wife and four children under the age of seven.

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The “D” Word: AfterTalk Inspirational for 7.20.17

The “D” Word by Peggy Amler When I was a child, the “D” word referred to divorce.  Back then divorce was rare. It was spoken about as almost scandalous, and it was discussed from a rather voyeuristic perspective with a ‘Peyton-Place’ intrigue. Today, for me as an adult, the “D” word stands for something else. 

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