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The Toaster

The Toaster By Peggy Amler I was alone… permanently, not temporarily. My husband had passed. It was still recent enough that it felt like he soon would be home, as though he had been out simply to run some errands. I was making breakfast and the toaster broke. One of the two levers wouldn’t stay

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Grieving for My Sex Life: AfterTalk Inspirational 4.19.18

Grieving for My Sex Life After My Husband Died By Alice Radosh Photo: Igor Ustynskyy/Getty Images “We’ve been lied to,” Bart said. I rolled over on my side and saw that my husband of almost 40 years was grinning. “It’s not supposed to be this good when you’re this old.” He was right. Our whole generation had been lied to. Holding hands,

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Confronting Death: AfterTalk Inspirational 1.18.18

From My Life, My Love, My Legacy by Coretta Scott King. Confronting death We had talked about it, joked about it, prayed about it. He had prepared me, but when death actually arrived, the feeling of separation was overwhelming. Our bedroom was filled with emptiness. My nights were lonely. In church, the preachers often said

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