Losing a Loved One to Cancer–CONTINUED

Author of our recent post on coping with losing a loved one to cancer, Jasmine Dyoco, has shared with us the following links to articles that may help those of us who have lost someone to cancer. If you haven’t read the original article, you can find it by clicking this link: https://blog.aftertalk.com/how-to-cope-after-losing-a-loved-one-to-cancer/

Understanding Leukemia 

10 Ways to Help a Friend with Cancer 

5 Ways Service Dogs Help People with Cancer 

Talking with Children About a Loved One’s Cancer 

Thriving as a Caregiver: Tools for Coping When a Loved One Has Cancer 

Navigating Cancer Care: How Cancer is Treated 

A to Z List of Cancer Drugs 

Addiction Prevention for Cancer Patients: The Guide to Safe Pain Management 

Alternative Cancer Treatments: 10 Options to Consider 

Cancer in Your Dog or Cat and What You Can Do for Your Pet 

10 Things I Learned from People Who Survive Cancer

Jasmine Dyoco is a fan of crossword puzzles, gardening, books on tape, learning (anything!) and fencing. She truly enjoys the work she does with Educator Labs and hopes you’ll stop by the site to learn more!

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