Grief Sounds: AfterTalk Inspirational: 6.8.17

Grief Sounds

Grief Sounds-- AfterTalk Grief Support

by Mary Jane Hurley Brant

My grief’s a whirling ceiling fan
It whips me about again and again.
chop chop
whoosh whoosh
My soul a tortured tear-stained book.

This splintered old boat on an angry sea
It rocks; it shouts you’ll never sink me.
slosh slosh
splash splash
My soul a  prayerful history.

A blossoming limb torn from our family tree;
Like lightening it’s deafening oh God save me.
chop chop
crack crack
My soul just aching to bring her back.

This is from Mary Jane’s website:

A little bit about me: Professionally, I am a practicing Human Relations Counselor, a Certified Group Psychotherapist and a Clinical Member of The American Group Psychotherapy Association.  I’ve been practicing as a depth psychotherapist for 37 years meaning I believe in the power of the unconscious to offer us some truths and to help set us free emotionally. 

I have specialized in grief and loss and serious illness – particularly after the death of my precious daughter, Katie, to a brain tumor. My work is with individuals, couples and religious communities.  I run groups on specific topics.  In March, 2009, I founded and have facilitated a free-of-charge group for bereaved mothers who have lost children. It’s called “Mothers Finding Meaning Again.” There is more information about these courageous women on this site under groups.

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