For My Dad: AfterTalk Inspirational 6.15.17

For My Dad

It’s been 10 years, where has the time gone?
This is so wrong
You should’ve been here to see us grow and live
Be part of family events that you used to love to attend and to give
Making it clear that you were there For My Dad AfterTalk Grief Support: Holiday Grieving
No matter if other’s liked what you had to say
Trying to sing at the top of your voice
After one too many but you just wanted to be heard
There were a lot of uptight people around
Telling you to be quiet and not make a scene
Poor them for trying to make you quiet
I miss the faces you used to make
I try to make them for the kids but mine aren’t the same
I can’t seem to make my face do what yours did
But I still try and tell the kids, your Grandpa used to make faces
To make us scared but I was never scared and laughed instead
Silly Daddy of mine
You held a soft spot in your heart for me
Your baby girl I could do no wrong
For My Dad AfterTalk Grief supportI miss your quick remarks and your wonderful smile
Never forgetting your kids so far away
Your thoughtfulness was always available whenever we came by
The music playing on the record player with the volume turned up high
And the smell of smoke from your cigar to comfort me and let me know you were here
The smell is long gone now
Only a memory I hold dear
I wished we had more time
To see you and tell you how much we care
Instead of forgetting you and not wanting to hear
All of your opinions about how we should be
You were only trying to teach us as a parent will doFor My Dad:AfterTalk Grief Support
I know that because I’m a parent too
I wish you could be with me and the kids in these days of their lives
Watching them grow and seeing pieces of you in them come alive
I miss you so much still after all this time
I hope wherever you are you still remember me
I’ll never forget you my silly Daddy
You will always be a part of me

Stephanie J. DiMartino

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