Peggy Amler

I am a retired Occupational Therapist who had the blessing of a treasured second marriage (also David's second) and the misfortune of losing my husband too early to cancer. What I write comes from my heart. I write for myself as a way to hold onto David, and as a way to bring some understanding to myself of this journey. If what I express touches someone else, then that would be wonderful, and I would be honored

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The “D” Word: AfterTalk Inspirational for 7.20.17

The “D” Word by Peggy Amler When I was a child, the “D” word referred to divorce.  Back then divorce was rare. It was spoken about as almost scandalous, and it was discussed from a rather voyeuristic perspective with a ‘Peyton-Place’ intrigue. Today, for me as an adult, the “D” word stands for something else. 

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