Like a Child: AfterTalk Inspirational 8.3.17

Like A Child

By Peggy Amler

I’ve borne this entity.

It is basically healthy and normal, I am told.

But it is new to me and I am unsure of how to handle it.

It requires attention.Like a Child AfterTalk Grief support

It begs to be listened to.

It needs to be heard.

It is relying on me for being taken care of.

If ignored, it makes it’s presence known until it’s needs are met.

I can distract myself from dealing with it, but that I can do only for so long;

ultimately it’s needs must be addressed.

If I understand it, then my relationship with it improves; it becomes

easier to interact with,  and I can anticipate what it requires.

As time goes on, it requires less of my time and attention; and I once again am able

to be more interactive with life.

This entity… is my grief.


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