You Would’ve Been

You Would’ve Been

by Stephanie J. DeMartino

You would have been 70 had you lived today
I would have bought you cake and came over to say
Happy Birthday Dad, you’ve come a long way!
You would have smiled at me and said something funny
Told me I looked just like my Mother and called me honeyYou Would've Been AfterTalk Grief Support
Then you would have made me something to eat
Pasta, meatballs, sauce, and some sausage that’s sweet
We would have driven to the Corner Market
You would’ve introduced me to your friends again
Because you always introduced me when I came to visit

You would’ve asked me about Shelly, Sue, and Laurie
How were they doing and were they fine?
I tried to tell them you asked all the time
Some didn’t care or want to know
Their loss not mine

You remind me of Jay
He’s so polite and loves his family
He shows off his wife and daughters to everyone
So proud is he
Just like you did with us
Always showing off your family

And then there’s Larry
He reminds me of you with his quick wit and comedic remarks
Always trying to get a laugh
He makes your faces but you knew that
He likes to do it for the kids
Just like you did
He sounds just like you but you knew that too
Sometimes it sounds as if your in the room
You were always proud of him you just never told him so
All he remembers is the hard times you gave him
That’s all he remembers of you
That’s all he wants to know

I finally made the connection with the piano in the room
Elton John songs are your way of saying hi
Wherever you are
You’re singing and dancing
Smiling, happy, high on a cloud
Shouting loudly to everyone you knew
That’s my Dad
Always the Lug
Always forever young

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