When All you Have are Memories: AfterTalk Weekly 11.21.19

When All you Have are Memories

by Anne Peterson

You sit alone with memories,
from when they slipped away.
You wake with little energy
to make it through each day.
Your loss is overwhelming,
the pain is so surreal,
You never knew it possible,
to feel the way you feel.
The world keeps spinning
all around,
as if you were not there,
and comfort keeps alluding you,
if comfort’s anywhere.
I know you’re feeling empty,
your heart lies on the floor,
and yet, you wonder if you’ll feel
this way forevermore.
I want you to remember,
the pain you feel is real,
and though you’ve tried
your very best,
it’s pain you can’t conceal.
And so, I’d like to challenge you
with something you can do,
take a precious memory,

one that’s close to you.

And sit and think about the one
your heart keeps missing so;
and hold onto that memory,
and never let it go.
For few will understand you now,
nor understand your grief;
they struggle just to comprehend
a pain beyond belief.
But there’s one thing
that I have learned,
-one thing that I can share.
Your grief is your connection,
to the one no longer here.
Just because your loved one died
and took their final breath,
doesn’t mean your love will end,
when their eyes closed in death.
True love lives on forever,
and when our pain is deep,
it shows we deeply loved them,
with a love you’re sure to keep

Note: This poem was first published in P.S. I Love You Publication.

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