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You’re Not There, Part 2 Inspirational Quote 1.12.17

A few weeks ago the Inspirational Quote of the Week was musical, a song by Lukas Forchhammer, frontman of the Danish pop band Lukas Graham. Since then, Lukas has been nominated for a Grammy for Song of the Year. NPR recently interviewed Lukas, and this week’s Inspirational Quote is Lukas in his own words. There’s also

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Inspirational Quote 3.26.15 Mourning a Hero

One more song. We’ve posted a series of inspirational songs about grief including death of a loved one, a child, grieving from the perspective of a dying man, the thoughts of a friend of the grieving. You can find them all at this link: https://blog.aftertalk.com/author/larry-lynn/ This week’s song is about mourning a hero written and

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