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Like a Child: AfterTalk Inspirational 8.3.17

Like A Child By Peggy Amler I’ve borne this entity. It is basically healthy and normal, I am told. But it is new to me and I am unsure of how to handle it. It requires attention. It begs to be listened to. It needs to be heard. It is relying on me for being

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Museum to Grief AfterTalk Inspirational Quote 9.8.16

A MUSEUM TO GRIEF Editor’s note: this is an abbreviation of an essay by author Elizabeth Gilbert. It was not meant specifically about bereavement, but I thought the advice was so apt and adaptable to dealing with grief that I edited it down and include it as an Inspirational Quote. LL About nine years ago,

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The Grieving Process: Dealing with Valentine’s Day [Belated]

[Editor: This is only 11 days late, but the principles discussed apply to all holidays, so Happy Belated Valentine’s Day] Larry: My first wife, Vanessa, and I married young and were unable to have children so throughout our 24 years together it was just us. We never missed going out for a special Valentine’s Day

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