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At a Restaurant the Night my Son Died

by Chanel Brenner I sat across from him, shooting his portrait with my phone.   His charcoal sweatshirt faded into the dark booth.   He played tic-tac-toe in the dim light.   I should have known something was wrong,   when he scribbled his X’s and O’s like a toddler—   should have known his

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Going through it together: how to support each other after the loss of a child

by Nat Juchems Loss of a child is something that most of us will experience in our lives, but many will never feel the pain and trauma of losing a child. It’s often referred to as the ultimate tragedy; the passing of a child is something that no parent ever expects to have to go

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The Sudden Loss Of A Child: How A Marriage Survives

On Christmas Eve 2015, Emily and David Graham and their three kids were at home making reindeer food ― a family tradition ― to sprinkle on the front lawn for Santa’s fleet. Earlier in the day, their oldest son Cameron, 7, wasn’t feeling well ― he had an earache and a cough ― so David had taken

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