As Long As You Remember: AfterTalk Inspirational 5.25.17

As Long as You Remember

He said sadly, I have a hole in my heart
I said, I know
He said, It feels like a piece of me is missing
I said, Me too
He said, She’ll never get to know my daughter
See her grow up like she did with yoursRemember AfterTalk Grief Support
I said, She could be watching us still
He said, How do you know, how can you tell?
I said, You just have to believe
You have to believe that she can still see us
That she knows we always think about her
That way she’ll be with us forever
As long as you remember
So tell your daughter about her
What she was like, the time she spent with us
How we grew up
Relive the memories with your children
Make them into a story
I know it’s not the same
But it will help to easy your worry
It will help to heal your heart
As long as you remember her
You will never be apart

Stephanie J. DeMartino

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