Power Of Rituals And Memorialization In The Grieving Process

by Melissa Calvert

A ritual is a ceremony of meaning, a continued observance of ceremonies which are repeated routinely are known as rituals. Rituals can either be done in an isolated manner or by gathering lots of people; it varies from person to person. Rituals are held to mark important events in one’s life, for example, birth, wedding, graduation, and death. The main purpose of a ritual is to add meaning to an event to add depth to it, whether secular or spiritual meaning.

Types Of Rituals

There are different types of Rituals, namely:


A ritual in which the loved one might have died, but the love for them is eternal and ongoing, and rituals are a way to express that the love for the special one is never going to end, die, or fade away.


This type of ritual refers to moving from a phase of pain and sorrow towards healing and consoling.

The reconciliation ritual refers to leaving the past and moving on with renewed energy and passion by making up and asking forgiveness for past mistakes.

A ritual held as a symbol of your love towards your loved ones and acknowledging the fact that the love will continue forever.

Rituals And Grief

Undoubtedly, it is true that the loss of a loved one is painful and can leave the mourners devastated and sorrowful for a long time. In times like these, rituals can play a vital role in bringing people to accept reality and healing from this transformation. However, it is significant to note that rituals are not only restricted to funerals and memorials. Rituals can help in accepting the change at the loss of a dear one. A way to extend and honor the time spent and the services of the departed one. This way, rituals can grieve the loss together. Grieving together is better than grieving alone. Rituals can help one to remember and honor their dear ones.

Grief Ritual AfterTalk Grief SupportIn times of grief and sorrow, rituals play a significant role in minimizing the sorrow and its impact on an individual’s life. It helps one to express one’s emotions and acknowledge them and, at the same time to feel better; to try to overcome the pain by accepting it. Rituals act as bridges helping in the transition from a wife to a widow or a child to an orphan. Though it is an extremely painful time but enables one to accept it and legitimize it; it encourages the healing process.

As mentioned in the papers by assignmentassistance.co.uk, here are a few ways rituals can help us with the grieving process:

1. Using things associated with the departed one, objects which have a symbolic meaning associated with it, such as photos, music, or readings.
2. Rituals can be held on special dates, anniversaries, or dates to acknowledge what has happened and come to terms with it.
3. In times of distress and sorrow, rituals make one feel at ease by sharing their grief with other grievers.
4. Rituals are a practice for affirming and accepting your love for the departed soul. Expression gives meaning to it.
5. Rituals can be used to do things which didn’t happen. The pain of not being able to say something or do something for the dead lingers in one’s memories. Hence the last goodbye, or the act of forgiving, or expressing one’s love – all this can be done through rituals.

Grief And Memorialization Of Loved One

Memorializing one can be a great expression of your love and endearment for them. It is a beautiful acknowledgement of your relationship with a loved one. Here are some unique ways one can treasure the memories spent with loved ones.
1. Memory Box

As the name suggests, this box is made to store and treasure memories of a dear one. It can either be big or small, but what is important is what is enclosed in the box. It brings back memories associated with a loved one. It all depends on whether the box keeper wants to decorate it and adorn it or wishes to keep it simple. It can store candles, photos, and collectables – just anything that reminds one of their loved ones’ life or the memories spent with them.
This memory box can be used as a display time or an item for personal gratification and satisfaction.

2. Grief Collage

Grief collages can be used to mourn any loss made by an individual or a group grieving a deceased person. This can be done multiple times during the healing process, becoming a means of solace and comfort during hard times. The collage is made using boards and decorating them with pictures, posters, or graphics from magazines. The collage is a depiction of your dear one’s life, anything that they held dear – including their interests, favorite foods, clothes, and animals.

3. Tear Ritual

While searching on the internet to do my essay for me, I come up with some worth-sharing information which states that the tear ritual involves emptying your tears in a water body such as a lake, ocean, or waterfall, and as it becomes part of a big entity, the mourner realizes that they are not alone in their grief.

4. Five-Candle Lighting Ritual
In the five-candle lighting ritual, each candle is lit. Hence every light represents each of the following things:
a. Griefrituals aftertalk grief support
It represents the grief of losing a near one, the one who was deeply loved and cherished. Grief can only heal with every passing day.
b. Courage
The courage to still move on in life despite rock-sized sorrows. To live on with the help and support of people around.
c. Memory
The memories collected of all past years and cherished and found comfort in them. Knowing that there will be a time one will again get reunited with their loved ones.
d. Love
The love which was shared with the departed. Love is eternal and will live on forever. Love will always become a source of satisfaction for the life ahead.
e. Hope
Hope for a better tomorrow. Knowing that you are strong and courageous enough to deal with your sorrows and grief.
5. Planting A Tree
Planting a tree is a symbolic event used to mark a special date, event, or anniversary.
This ceremony is performed outdoors or indoors, private or in a group. If it’s supposed to be a group ceremony, you can invite all the dear and near ones and choose a day the dead would have chosen had they been alive. One also must take care of the weather and then gather all the participants with their digging tools.Grief Ritual AfterTalk Grief Support

A small show with blessings in remembrance and honor of the loved one will fulfill your purpose of the ritual:

We move this earth to make way for the seeds of life in memory of you, and as we witness the growth of this flower (plant, tree), we will be reminded of you and your life here and how it has touched us. We will be reminded of the beauty that your life has brought to the world.”
The ceremony could be closed with music or a feast in remembrance of a loved one.
6. Rocks Or Stone As A Ritual
The rocks are a symbol of strength, and being as hard as a rock during tough times is really crucial. Engraving names or initials of loved ones on the rocks and carrying them always represents the ability to face grief with great willpower.
7. Rosemary For Remembrance
Rosemary is significant and symbolic for its use as a thing for remembrance and memories.
They are also used at weddings and at funerals. The purpose of using it at funerals is to show that the dead will always be remembered in good names and that despite their passing from the world, they are still very much alive in the griever’s hearts.
8. Sand Vase Ritual
The sand vase ritual is a depiction of the journey of grief.
First, you have to take a vase that is good in height and fill it up with sand of different colors. Various colors with uneven layers show the phases of grief.
This event can either be organized at a personal level or in a group.

While Summing It Up…

Rituals and memorialization can play a significant role in the grieving process, as they help individuals to accept the reality of their loss and facilitate healing. Rituals are ceremonies that add meaning to events, and there are different types of rituals that can be used for continuity, transition, reconciliation, and affirmation.Grief Ritual AfterTalk Grief Support
Rituals can help grievers to remember and honor their loved ones and to, express their emotions and acknowledge them. They can also be used to help individuals transition from one phase to another and to legitimize and accept the loss.

Memorialization is another way to treasure memories spent with loved ones, and examples include memory boxes, grief collages, tear rituals, and five-candle lighting rituals. These methods can provide solace and comfort during difficult times and help to affirm one’s love for the departed soul.


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