My Dad Died: Inspirational Quote 8.18.16

My dad died, I write. almost a year ago. Car accident. My hand is shaking; my eyes sting and fill. I add Not his fault before pushing the notebook and pen back across the table, wiping a hand across my cheeks.

As he reads, my impulse is to reach out, grab the notebook, run outside, dump it in the trash, bury it in the snow, throw it under the wheels of a passing car – something, something, so I can go back fifteen AfterTalk Grief Support; My Dad Diedseconds when this part of me was still shut away and private. Then I look at Ravi’s face again, and the normally white white whites of his eyes are pink. This causes major disruption to my ability to control the flow of my own tears. I see myself when I look at him right now: he’s reflecting my sadness, my broken heart, back to me.

He takes the pen, writes, and slides it over. You’d think it’s something epic from the way it levels my heart. It isn’t.

I’m really sorry, Jill.

Four little words.”

― Sara Zarr


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