Mourning the Loss of a Sibling Rival

Mourning the Loss of a Sibling Rival

By Gina Demillo Wagner

“When my brother Alan died suddenly at age 43, I received the usual condolences, plus a few unusual ones. One friend texted, “So glad this weight has been lifted from your shoulders.” Another simply hugged me and said, “I hope you finally have some peace…””

This is an extraordinary article about losing a sibling who faced challenges all his life. Here is the link to The New York Times article:



Gina DeMillo Wagner is a writer based in Colorado. She is working on a memoir.


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  1. Reading this post help me a great deal. When my father died, I had such mixed emotions, since he had sexually abused me and my sisters, yet I still loved him. Thank you for putting into words so clearly what I felt.

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