Inspirational Quote 10.29.15; Small Mourning Pieces

Big Sur

Small Mourning Pieces

No time to prepare
Shoved over cliff by sorrows
Float down now, gently

Grief comes as strong waves
Tide that never seems to ebb
Let it wash your soul

Nasty Opponent
Grief punches all breath away
Never a fair fight

No time for Heroes
Pain strips away a brave face
Wear no mask for now

Heavy stones of grief
Lighten them with memories
Friendships ease the load

Recipe for grief
Fold laughter into sorrow
Make a grief soufflé

Someone, unseen, cares
Patting shoulder from afar
Dwell in gentle thoughts

Some point you forward
Others put words in your mouth
Follow your own voice

Walking in grief’s field
Plant dark flowers in the ground
Teardrops are the rains

Morning light is harsh
Wander away from sadness
Dreams infuse the night

Mary Havran

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