How Will I Breathe? AfterTalk Inspirational 8.15.19

How Will I Breathe?

Where did he go,
this brother of mine?
Strong with his opinions,
his voice, his presence.
In his place, a mere shadow,
not even a good likeness.
And yet, when I look deeply
into weary eyes,
I see the one
who shared my life
for all my life.
I take a deep breath
and wonder.
How will I breathe
when he stops?
Anne Peterson
Breathe...AfterTalk Grief SupportAnne Peterson has had many losses in her life. Because of this and being abused as a child, she is drawn to those who hurt. Anne is a poet, speaker and published author of fourteen books including: Broken: A Story of Abuse and SurvivalDropletsThe Crooked House, and Emma’s Wish. As Anne says, “Life is hard. I write words to make it softer.”
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