Finally Home Inspirational Quote 3.10.16

Finally Home
by Jamie Zahradnik-Williams

A beautiful mind that first thought of me
A womb that kept me safe
A smile that exploded
The first time she saw my face

Loving arms that cradled me
Gentle hands that brushed my hair
A contagious, vibrant laugh
That still lingers in the air

Two lips that kissed my banged up kneesfinally home AfterTalk grief poem
And wiped away my tears
A tongue that prayed continuously
Through all my childhood years

Approving eyes that watched me dance
That never missed a show
Ears that listened to all my hurts
Advice that helped me grow

A faith that helped me spread my wings
Her spirit made me strong
Encouragement that made me brave
That helped me write my song

The greatest mom, my truest friend
I wish I could see your smile
Still, today my heart leaps with joy
Because I had you for a while

Fifty-six years, spent and gone
A life that briefly touched my own
A smile on her Savior’s face
A soul that’s finally home

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