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The Impossible Suicide: AfterTalk Inspirational 6.21.18

Anthony Bourdain and the “Impossible” Suicide by Christopher M. Schroeder I have met Anthony Bourdain only once, but his work has touched me and so many people as if he were family. No one had us understand the world better, on the ground from their perspective, than he. His “food” show was the best “news” show

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grief presents us with a choice: AfterTalk Inspirational 11.30.17

“Time is ungovernable, but grief presents us with a choice: what do we do with the savage energies of bereavement? What do we do with the memory – or in the memory – of the beloved? Some commemorate love with statuary, but behavior, too, is a memorial, as is a well-lived life. In death, there

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Managing Grief after Losing a Loved One to Suicide

  Losing a loved one to suicide can mean a very different grieving process from other types of loss. When someone we love takes their own life, they often leave behind unanswered questions, anger, and/or a feeling of guilt that something could have been done to prevent it. It’s important to understand that the process

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