AfterTalk LIVE: 12/17: Children as Survivors of Suicide

Experts Discuss Children as Survivors of Suicide on Wednesday, December 17th 3pm EST on AfterTalk: LIVE

On Wednesday December 17th,, AfterTalk: LIVE presents a discussion of the impact of a parental suicide on children and how families can cope. The panel features  Mandi Zucker, MSW, Grief Recovery Specialist and Program Director of Imagine: A Center for Coping and Loss, based in Westfield, NJ, and Dr. Luciano Sabatini, a Long Island based counseling psychologist specializing in bereavement. He is also the author of “Bereavement Counseling in the School Setting.”AfterTalk’s  Co-Founder, Larry Lynn, is joining this interview today. He brings a unique perspective as he raised two young children whose biological father died by suicide.

This wide-ranging discussion covers topics like when and how to explain suicide to a child, how children process suicide as they age, and how families can get help. Due to the scope of the subject matter, this presentation will be in two parts, the second to be aired on January 7th, 3PM EST.

To listen to the December 17th airing, CLICK HERE.

If you want to hear it after tomorrow, you can access it and all our earlier programs On Demand at CLICK HERE.

Mandi Zucker, MSW

Mandi Zucker, MSW

Dr. Luciano Sabatini

Dr. Luciano Sabatini

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