A new film about celebrating life or living in fear of death

[Editor: “Mortal” is a documentary  about celebrating life rather than living in fear of death We want to share information with you about this film. These are the words of the people behind “Mortal.”]


Can you picture this seismic shift: how much richer would life be if we celebrated our time on earth instead of living in fear of death? What would happen if we were o-DSM-5-GRIEF-DEPRESSION-facebookable to take fear out of the equation? Is it possible to focus on all the things that matter most, and stop wasting time on things that make us unhappy? Wouldn’t our days on earth be that much more fulfilling?

This transformative documentary will inspire you to live every day to its fullest potential, by showcasing how many find the strength to do the impossible, accept the unacceptable, and appreciate all life has to offer – good or bad.


How do we change the way we look at and live our lives? How do we look at life as a remarkable journey with birth and death the bookends? The answer to this question will be explored in Mortal. We will meet people who have decided to live ageless lives, people who have chosen to end their lives to avoid inhumane suffering, people really living despite severe chronic illnesses, people enjoying their last days as much as possible without fear, people with the spiritual fortitude to live on after tragic loss and survivors who have learned to love what they still have instead of mourning what they have lost. We hope to open up a dialogue and discover the potential everyone has of living fully.


One the surface there are two absolutes we all share: 1. We are born, 2. We all die. However, there are still many facets to this thing called life that connect us all. The human condition is strengthened by our relationships with each other and ourselves. Our documentary will focus our attention on the things that matter most: what makes us MORTAL.


Our story lines will touch on many aspects of the human condition: women preparing to give birth, people fighting (and beating) cancer, people refusing to succumb to chronic illness, cryonics, assisted suicides, post-traumatic stress syndrome, legacies, world religions and their views concerning death and the afterlife and the vast burial traditions practiced all over the world. Our voices will range from infants babbling to the elderly sharing their most cherished moments.


Our MORTAL mission is to strip away fear. By opening a dialogue and exploring living and death in all its many layered aspects we hope to change our perspective about death. Through this human communication we can empower ourselves to live. Our storytelling tools will be compassion, tenderness and most importantly, hope.

We’ve already started filming for this project but we need to document so much more! Many of the people we’ve interviewed need to be revisited so we can continue telling their stories, and there are so many more stories we want to tell!



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