Coping with Grief During the Holidays: A Plan of Action

Larry Lynn GVOH Mayor

Let’s talk more about the holiday season. Please refer to my Thanksgiving blog about grieving during the Holiday Season. As I write this, there are 23 days to Christmas. Here’s what I propose: if you know someone who has had a loss especially in the last year, reach out to them now and make sure that you, a relative, or a friend includes them in plans for both Christmas and New Year’s Eve. As said earlier, that first time cycling through holidays and birthdays and anniversaries is the hardest. This is when you learn who your true friends are.

If you have suffered a loss, start calling around now to see if someone you know who is close to you might be willing to include you in their holiday plans. Don’t be shy about it. Your friends/family are unsure themselves about your willingness to participate. They are thinking you might not be ready, or being with others will be too painful. Let them know it won’t be and that you would welcome companionship.

Sometimes it’s a custom thing; you and your spouse might have gone away every holiday season for years, and your friends just got in the habit of not inviting you. Forgive them for not thinking of this themselves, but they lead busy lives. Call them and let them know you are home and available this Christmas/New Years.


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