Sudden Loss: AfterTalk Inspirational Quote 12.1.16

Everything around them is still there, dealing with sudden loss


In 2010 Marieke Poelmann, 22 at the time, experienced the sudden loss her parents as a result of a plane crash. It took her several years to see that bad things in life do not necessarily have to define you. In her talk she discusses her loss and how she learned to cope with it, and as a result came out a stronger person.

Marieke Poelmann wrote a book about losing her parents in the airplane crash in Tripoli in 2010. “It took me several years to see that bad things in life don’t necessarily define you as a person. When I suddenly lost both of my parents at 22, I thought my life was over too. Finally, I realized that there is one part of them I could never loose: the part that is in me. Slowly I got back onto my own two feet, gained strength and became an adult. In this process, against all my expectations, good things started happening again. I got to be who I wanted to be. It brought me far beyond anything I had ever imagined.” Poelmann is a writer and a freelance journalist. She studied Media and Journalism at the University of Amsterdam and worked as a producer for the Dutch news and current affairs program ‘Nieuwsuur’ in New York. Currently she is writing her second book, a fiction novel.

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