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“How do I live without…” AfterTalk Inspirational 1.24.19

by Louise McOrmond-Plummer The crie de coeur of most people when a loved one dies, seems to be “How do I live without him/her”? There’s no doubting that this is one of the most daunting aspects of grief and loss. People are being asked to do what may have been completely unimaginable to them. Certainly it felt

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My Beautiful Husband…

When my beautiful husband, Ken, died from cancer two years ago, there was a sense that my protector, my champion, the person who loved me most in the world, was gone. That was pretty scary. But I’ve had some powerful healing thoughts recently. I’m currently reading a terrific book titled After This, by Claire Bidwell Smith. In

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Strange Awakenings: AfterTalk Inspirational

                         Strange Awakenings By Peggy Amler It was early morning.  My eyes were still shut. I was waking up before my alarm went off. I could tell it wasn’t quite daylight, but close to it. I had some remnant thoughts, some vague remembrances of a

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