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Museum to Grief AfterTalk Inspirational Quote 9.8.16

A MUSEUM TO GRIEF Editor’s note: this is an abbreviation of an essay by author Elizabeth Gilbert. It was not meant specifically about bereavement, but I thought the advice was so apt and adaptable to dealing with grief that I edited it down and include it as an Inspirational Quote. LL About nine years ago,

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Grieving for her Grandmother through writing

This is a guest positing by the renowned Dr. Gloria Horsley. After interviewing AfterTalk’s Co-Founder, Lisa Bogatin, Dr. Horsely was inspired to express her grieving for her Grandmother through writing an AfterTalk “conversation.” Dr. Horsley, Ph.D., M.S., C.N.S.., is the founder, along with her daughter Dr. Heidi Horsley, of Open to Hope. She is an

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Continuing Bonds Theory of Grief

Several readers have asked for more information about the theoretical and philosophical underpinnings of AfterTalk. I provided a partial answer in an earlier post about Managing Grief by Writing where I discussed the theoretical basis of AfterTalk’s Private Conversations as therapeutic writing. In this blog I want to explain how writing to deceased loved ones fits

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