March Winds–Two Poems: AfterTalk Pandemic Weekly: 3.31.21

March Winds AfterTalk Grief Support
March Winds

You are gone and I have shed many tears
I think of you as I face my fears

Feeling as though I don’t belong
What happened to our life song

I feel the March winds blowing through the trees
The bitter icy cold brings me to my knees

Nothing will ever be the same
I no longer hear you call my name

Lighted candles burn
As I reach out and yearn

For your tender touch
I truly miss you so much

The aroma fills the silent air
This pain I sometimes cannot bare

Sitting here drinking my coffee
I just long to be free

Free of all the pain and sorrow
Each day ends then it’s tomorrow

I begin all over again
It feels like all is in vain

Your memories cling to me
I just want to flee

Powerful March winds will blow
Blowing me away before any more snow

© March 3, 2021 Janet Griffin

Hello March Winds

Twirling, whirling, whipping you all around
Feels like you are tumbling to the ground
Tossing and turning
Like butter your heart is churning
Fierce howling sounds
Blowing in many directions no bounds
Birds flying high above in spacious blue skies
Chirping and tweeting winter will soon say good-bye
Spring is on the way
There is hope for a brighter day

©March 10, 2021 Janet Griffin

*Note question from author: “March will you come in like a lion and go out like a lamb?”


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