It’s So Hard To Say: AfterTalk Inspirational 9/19/19

It’s So Hard To Say

Glitter N’ Gold is a music group composed of myself and my wife, Miki, plus other
side men, when needed.  We have been in the business of recording and live production
of music for over 30 years in Southeastern Louisiana.

Our Song, “It’s So Hard To Say” was inspired by the untimely deaths of both of my parents.
My father died of an unexpected heart attack while I was away on a business trip in Florida.
My mother died unexpectedly in a New Orleans hospital of urosepsis overnight then our
family wasn’t there.  It’s hard when you can’t be with a loved one when they die.  I didn’t
get a chance to be with either of my parents when they passed.  I didn’t get to tell them how
much I loved them or to tell them goodbye one last time.  I can only imagine how much harder
it would have been on me and the rest of my family if my parents died of violent causes and
not natural causes.  I just wanted to write a song to help me, my family and the rest of the
world to help heel our tremendous pain of loss and provide hope that someday we will all
be reunited in heaven.


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