Inspirational Quote 11/20/14: The Lost: A Continuum

Of Continuum


Having had and having lost

parents, aged through nature;

Having had and having lost

loves, parted through living;Irving Levine

Having had and having lost

children, torn through confusion;

Having had and having lost

friends, passing through maturing;


Having had and having lost

through nature, living,

confusion and maturing,

yet I find anew and have always

my parents, love,

my children, friends,

all and ever, all refreshing

all the springs

of all my being;


For I am what I have had

and lost

and done


and I am content with being

what I have

this way become.


written for a friend by Irving Levine from his book Continuum.


Born in New York City in 1914, Irving Levine became an architect, landscape architect, and professor at Pratt Institute. During WWII he drove a truck over the Burma road and edited two army newspapers. He felt his greatest accomplishment was the three books of poetry he wrote and published called Of Continuum, Vol. I, II, III. Upon retirement he moved with his wife to Albuquerque and devoted his time to exploring the Southwest, and refining old manuscripts for publication.

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