Inspirational Quote 3.12.15 Ease the Pain

The last two Inspirational Quotes were musical and about grief and loss. I decided to add a third, but with two different angles. The first of these three was the classic “I’ll Be Seeing You” performed by popular legends including Billie Holiday and Jimmy Durante. The song is from the point of view of the bereaved loved one. If you missed it, click this link:

Ill Be Seeing You

The second was from the point of view of the dying speaking to those who would become the bereaved. It was written and performed by Warren Zevon before he died of lung cancer:

Keep Me in your Heart

This week’s  song by an emerging group of musicians is written  from the perspective of a friend of the bereaved offering comfort. We’ve talked about that a lot in this blog. Singer-songwriter Alan Schaefer leads an up-and-coming  band based called Five Star Iris. This is definitely one you should share with everyone you know.


Is There Something I Can Do?

Whoever made the claim that words could ease the pain
Never watched your tears fill up an ocean
Never saw your face, the moment you found out
That you’d have to live without, until heaven

Is there somethin’ I can do other than being here for you to ease the pain
If I can keep you from fallin’, fallin’ down’
I’m sorry to sound selfish but I feel so helpless
Is it okay if I stay here with you and cry for awhile

Whoever made the claim that words could ease the pain
Never watched you fall apart, never put you back together
When you were broken down, into a million pieces
Scattered on the ground

Is there somethin’ I can do
What can I say, what can I do

Music and Lyrics by Alan Schaefer and Dexter Green


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