“In the Absence”: grieving for a beloved pet. AfterTalk Weekly 4.30.20

In the Absence

by Annalee Van Kleeck

In the Absence grieving aftertalkThis new song, is called “In the Absence” and was inspired by the recent loss of my beloved cat, Gadget, who had beaten cancer once through holistic therapies.  We managed to keep it at bay for three years, but it came back with a vengeance last Fall. I finally had to put him to sleep in the first week of January.  He was truly an amazing, beautiful light of my life and a beacon for my soul and when the vet came to put him to sleep, Gadget got up and walked straight to him as if to say, “It’s ok, it’s time for me to go…”, the vet burst into tears and said, “What a cat, he took all of my energy.”
I didn’t think I would adopt another cat so soon but I was worried for my dog who had also lost his buddy and I found this little guy on Petfinder. He is crazy and naughty but very sweet, chatty and snugly.  His name is Xander and he is helping me to heal.
In the Absence grieving Aftertalk
           Xander Van Kleeck

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