If Only… AfterTalk Inspirational 8.29.19

If Only

I thought of you today

not fleeting snapshots,

but long reflections.

Clear pictures

in my memory,
stored in baggies
to keep them safe.

Your dwindling voice

fades like a sunset,
barely there.

I thought of you today
as I wiped away tears,
that come unannounced.

The day you disappeared,
the day he said you left,
the day we know you died.

If only I’d awaken
from this stubborn dream
and see you standing there.

If only.

Anne Peterson
Breathe...AfterTalk Grief SupportAnne Peterson has had many losses in her life. Because of this and being abused as a child, she is drawn to those who hurt. Anne is a poet, speaker and published author of fourteen books including: Broken: A Story of Abuse and SurvivalDropletsThe Crooked House, and Emma’s Wish. As Anne says, “Life is hard. I write words to make it softer.”
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